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les meilleurs brunch sur paris

For several years now, new coffee shops and restaurants dedicated to brunch have been opening every month in Paris. It’s hard to make up your mind about these different establishments and to decide which is the best brunch in Paris!
I’ve investigated and tested some of them for you and here is the top 5 of my 5 favorite brunches in Paris… If you looking for authentic tips and restaurants where locals go : check this out (and we might see each others there ?

Confiture Parisienne :
A cute brunch in an historical place

confiture brunch paris

An intimate and secret brunch in the neighborhood where I’ve been living for more than 3 years… Confiture parisienne already gathers a lot of strong points and integrates the TOP 5 of my favorite Parisian brunches! A famous jam factory in the Parisian gastronomy world, it is in a very nice room adjoining their workshop that a colorful brunch is served where the essentials of a brunch are associated with their jams!

How does it work? Choose your scones, madeleines, financiers, tartines and then set off on an adventure in front of the jam counter. You can taste more than 30 jam flavors (optimal sanitary measures): choose your favorite jam and you will find it in your plate a few minutes later!

If the concept is already great, the place puts the final touch to the experience. You sit under the famous « Coulée Verte » of the 12th arrondissement, a former railway line from the mid-19th century. The result? A bright, high ceilings and an extraordinary atmosphere… there’s no other place like this in Paris!
Where? Confiture Parisienne, 17 Avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris

Mooky :
The brunch that feels like home

mooki brunch paris

Mooky is typically one of the places where charm works. For a healthy and seasonal brunch in Paris! Here no avocado toasts or tomatoes in the middle of winter: we respect the seasonal products and we sublimate it.

If Mooky’s staff, by its kindness and its attentions, is a major asset to the experience, it’s also for the concept of sharing the plates for a brunch that this place is brillant!

If you wanna discover one of the places where I got an incredible breakfast in Paris, go to Mooky. But get ready to fall in love with it!

Where? 20 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 PARIS

Princesse Café :
The new trendy (and not expensive!) spot in the 10th arrondissement

brunch paris a volonte

I have been there few days ago and it directly entered my top 5! All the addresses I’m talking about are favorites for their cuisine, atmosphere, staff… Here it’s the kindness and good vibes of the team that is a pleasure to see, especially when it is used to create one of the best brunchs in Paris Paris.
The two associates have set up « Princesse Café » and no glitter or pink color everywhere: street atmosphere and canteen tables, 80’s playlist allowing you to go on with your Saturday night’s mood!
But above all, this brunch costs 20 ? ! You choose a salty specialty (the halloumi bun for example!) with a side (sweet potatoes pleeease!) and you end on a sweet note with waffles or the delicious granola that I can ONLY recommend!!
The most of this brunch? Coffee and tea as much as you want which is pretty uncommon in Paris!

Where ? 32 Rue Bichat, 75010 PARIS

Douceurs Capitales :
My favorite 11th arrondissement terrace brunch

douceur capitale paris brunch

Located near the charming Square Maurice Gardette, it is one of the best places for a breakfast in Paris.

The little cute coffee shop welcomes about fifteen seats for a calm, cosy and warm atmosphere! The big value of Douceurs Capitales is its superb terrace under the trees where you can breathe even while being in the heart of the capital.

A seasonal menu that changes according to Alice’s desires, who always has at heart to develop surprising combinations of « tartine » (toast bread) like the roasted apricots, fresh cheese and thyme combinations I tasted last summer.

Where ? 2 Rue du Général Renault, 75011 PARIS

Muscovado :
An authentic Paris brunch next to the Bastille square

muscovado paris brunch

I love Muscovado for its Parisian atmosphere: its red cups, its pretty Parisian terrace and its rattan chairs, its proximity to the Bastille… and its cuisine, always generous.
and tasty. So many elements that make it one of the best Parisian brunch in my opinion!
Here, the classics are present : Granola, Pancakes, Cookies… but revisited in the style of Filipino chefs. Thus, you can enjoy your « Falafel Wrap » with a mango sauce!
At Muscovado, let yourself be surprised because after all you can do the basic avocado toast at home! ?

Where ? 1 Rue Sedaine, 75011 PARIS