Looking for a guided tour in Paris? Follow me during one of my private Paris walking tours: history tours, food tours, architecture tours, boat tours… Everything is possible in the City of Lights as long as you are with your Paris tour guide! Each tour can be customized according to your wishes and needs for you to live unique and private Paris experiences.

I am Sophie, your Parisian tour guide, creating unforgettable guided tours in Paris! Let’s walk the streets of the city together to teach you more about its history and the Parisian lifestyle! I design each tour myself to provide you authentic experiences and Paris local tips for you to feel like a Parisian during your stay.

You may wonder how my guided tours in Paris differ from other tours? Passionate about the history of Paris, I believe that the guarantee of an unforgettable guided tour lies on interactions, curiosity and a playful approach!

My walking tours in Paris are designed to follow your questions, remarks and our conversations. It’s also with multiple riddles that the guided tour unfolds, for you to live an authentic and unique moment. Being a private tour guide in Paris allows me to focus only on your party and for us to create a real bond together!

With Le Paris de Sophie, I really want you to live global experiences by associating different aspects of the Parisian life: history, culture, architecture, art, food, fashion… everything that makes Paris so special! With your family, your partner or your friends, you will discover Paris with a true Parisian by your side. More than a mere tour, I will walk Paris with you as a friend who knows the history of the city and… provide you many tips about food, what to do and see in the city or anything else you need.

I graduated from La Sorbonne University with a double degree in History and Political Science. It is during these 5 years of study that I acquired a strong knowledge of Paris and the history of France. Beyond the historical part, I’m always tasting the food of the latest restaurants, visiting newly opened museums… I’m always on the lookout for new trendy places in Paris while, of course, returning to my favorite addresses. I endeavor to keep up with Parisian historical facts and latest lifestyle trends in order to share the best of the city with you during my walking tours in Paris!

After my studies, I worked in the field of cultural mediation in some of the biggest cultural institutions in France. Then, during my free time, I traveled throughout Europe and the world, having lived six months in Stockholm, Sweden and travelled by backpack through South America for four months!

These trips, being far away from Paris and meeting many fellow tour guides in the world led me to create the personalized offer of Le Paris de Sophie walking tours in Paris. From the best Paris attractions to its neighborhoods only known by locals, my guided tours are unique and make you live authentic Parisian moments!

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