To enjoy Paris properly you need to live like a Parisian! One of the thing we LOVE to do : seat at a Paris terraces, enjoying a coffee and watching the world (and how people are dresses, of course) !
Here is a selection of the most photogenic Paris terraces that I know. All those Paris terraces have a common point: they have beautiful Paris chairs, giving so much charm to the streets of Paris.
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Le Nemours, Paris 1 :
The authentic Paris terrace

Located in front of the Louvre and next to the Palais Royal, Le Nemours is one of my references in terms of Paris terraces! In the early morning for a croissant and a black coffee, this is the address you need to remember to feel the Parisian vibes. You’re in central Paris and here the city wakes up slowly and quietly because there are no many offices around.

This is not a place for your daily coffee but to live a special moment in the hearth of Paris, it’s a very good address.
After your breakfast enjoy a walk in the gardens of the Palais Royal and its famous « Colonnes de Buren ». A nice program, isn’t it?

It’s a very photogenic Paris neighborhood full of history that I like to show you during my tour dedicated to Paris during the 19th century and its Parisian covered passages!

Chez Marianne, Paris 4 :
The greenest Paris terrace

This Paris terrace is located on the « Parvis des 260 enfants » in Le Marais. I love walking with you in this neighborhood full of history. The Templars, the arrival of immigrant workers in the 19th century, the disasters caused in these streets during the Second World War…. The Marais has so many secrets that I love to tell you! Alongside this very rich historical heritage, those streets have also revealed themselves in the past recent years. It’s now one of the trendiest places in Paris! Its Paris terraces have a lot to do with it.
At the « Parvis des 260 enfants » you’ll hesitate between the famous Voltigeur‘s terrace and their iconic teddy bears as well as Chez Marianne for its climbing vine leaves and its calm.

Le Flore en l’Ile, Paris 4 :
A beautiful terrace by the Seine river

The most Parisian of the Parisian cafes located on the pretty « Île Saint-Louis » is facing the Seine. In gray weather, by big sun… the charm of the « Île Saint-Louis » always operates! For example, I took this picture during a cold but sunny morning last winter: it just represents Paris in one picture don’t you think?
In front of the Saint-Louis bridge you can see Notre-Dame, on your left the Pantheon and on your right the Paris City Hall: everything is here to create some nice Paris memories.

Chez Charlette, Paris 12 :
The terrace to live like a Parisian

If you follow me on social media, you know my immeasurable love for the famous Aligre neighborhood that I love to show you during my visit called « Live the authentic Parisian morning ».
It’s near the second oldest market in Paris that this pretty Paris terrace is located: the light, the colors … everything here plunges us into the Parisian atmosphere (don’t you think don’t you think it looks like the cafe in the movie « Amelie Poulain » ?).
The Place d’Aligre has many terraces of charming Parisian cafes, restaurants and bars. As it’s a non touristic part of the town, I really love to show it to you. I especially love this because it’s the place where I live : being your guide over there makes total sense.

Café du Temple, Paris 11 :
The terrace in the vibring central Paris

The location of this Paris terrace is not very touristic, it is notably what makes it authentic. You are close to the République square, one of the major meeting points in the city and you’re also close to the Saint-Martin canal.
Even if you are in the center of the vibrating Paris, this beautiful Paris terrace allows you to relax a bit. Also, I really fall in love with those red blinds that makes each photo sensational!